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They will have a clear understanding about the system because of the clear and appropriate design made by the proponents.


Aside from that, the proponent will have a better understanding regarding the attendance monitoring with payroll system by the management. Scope and Limitation Scope of the study. Also the study does not cover the sales and inventory of the company and the Accounting department will only use the system for the salaries and wages of the employees and other accounting functions are not covered. Also the HR department will only use to check and verify the attendance of the employees and does not cover the other functions of the HR such as hiring new employees.

Bundy Clock: A time clock, sometimes known as a clock card machine or punch clock or time recorder. Computer software: Is the collection of computer programs and related data that provide the instructions telling a computer what to do.

The data are typically organized to model relevant aspects of reality. Employee: A person in the service of another under any contract of hire, express or implied, oral or written, where the employer has the power or right to control and direct the employee in the material details of how the work is to be performed.

Lilo: Log-in and Log-out. Operating system OS : Is a set of system software programs in a computer that regulate the ways application software programs use the computer hardware and the ways that users control the computer. Original equipment manufacturer OEM : Refers to the company that originally manufactured the product. When referring to automotive parts, OEM designates a replacement part made by the manufacturer of the original part.

In accounting, payroll refers to the amount paid to employees for services they provided during a certain period of time. System: a system of elements that cross in the manner of threads in a net that are related or connected may fluctuate in quantity and value. System Development Life Cycle SDLC : Is the process of creating or altering systems, and the models and methodologies that people use to develop of these systems.

Visual Basic. NET VB. NET product group, to make Web services applications easier to develop. Even business that has automated or computerized processes such as scheduling, inventory, purchasing, general ledger and payroll processing still use manual methods such as time cards or attendance sheets to collect time and attendance data. NOVAtime , the system that will give management the power to not only utilize the tools we have available to us today, but will continue to grow and evolve, giving it the capability to incorporate and utilize the tools the new millennium promises to bring us.

NOVAtime has brought a system designed for growth while maintaining the maximum in flexibility. Where the sophistication lies within the programmed mechanism of the system, allowing for a quick and simple implementation and employee training cycle. Local Literature Aquilan made a comparable thesis on the automation of time attendance that records the time in and time out of every employee using barcode system. It tends to eliminate the manual recording system of time and attendance and also include salary computation of each employee based on the time and attendance reports.

He stated that computer gives you a different feeling about what is happening in the company. Business will be highly competitive and innovative because the computer provides instant information. Furthermore, these files were only kept in envelopes and folders in wooden rocks. There are also instances when the right information is given to a wrong person, which affect quality of service.

After entering their given code number, the identification cards are swiped in the machines card reader to trigger the verification. If access granted, the micro switch will then automatically unlock to allow enter.

This will help a lot in monitoring attendances accurately and more precise. A group of computer engineers in Rebisco Biscuits Corporation proposed a thesis report for what is the same Innodata Corps is implementing right now computerized daily time record as an alternative for Bundy clock. Pertinent Report forms have been designed for easier access to all these data.

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Attendance Monitoring with Payroll System Attendance Monitoring with Payroll System is the key to proficient and successful time tracking and management in your workplace. It is a software-based time and attendance system that allows the user to collect and organize employee time data simply and accurately. Best of all, Our Attendance Monitoring with Payroll System can quickly pay for itself in time savings, reduction of time theft and elimination of payroll errors.

The SDLC approach explains that a project must have requirement analysis and how project planning begins that is essential for this research. The proponents use a use case diagram because it describes a sequence of actions that provide something of measurable value to an actor and is drawn as a horizontal ellipse. The proponents chose this because documentation is produced at an early stage of the development.

The requirement analysis identifies and defines the need for the new system. It analyzes the information needs of the end users and creates a blueprint with the necessary specifications for the hardware, software, people and data resources. In the design phase, the proponents made a plan on how to solve the problems specified by the requirement document.

Attendance Monitoring with Payroll System Free Essays -

It is also in this phase where the proponents identified the modules to be developed on the software to produce the desired results 1. Theoretical Framework Figure 2. The input starts when the employee log-in and log-out through barcode reader, in which the system will automatically read each barcode ID. The process inside the system includes the process being made between the employee and accounting department.

The system computes the number of hours which the employee attendance by the Daily time Record DTR , the attendance made as well as payroll. The system also store and display data about how employee transact with the accounting department. The attendance report by the company was recorded in the database. All process being made is recorded in the system. As a log-in and log-out being processed by the system, it is capable of generating reports like the number of hour attends; taxes, net par and gross pay as well as salary.

This process will serve as a summary of information from the system as an attendance monitoring. Conceptual framework. Barcode reader Attendance monitoring using barcode reader with payroll a. Requirement Analysis system for CycleMar Caloocan b. Requirement Definition Corporation Software Design a.

Attendance Monitoring with Payroll System

Windows 7 OS a. MySQL b. Knowledge Requirements The following are the knowledge requirements for the study. The proponents must have knowledge on barcode reader. The team must also have knowledge regarding Payroll system how they work and processes involved inside attendance monitoring with payroll system. Software Requirements These are the software requirements of the system. The proponents used Windows 7 as their Operating System and Visual Studio 9 as their programming language. In their system database, the proponents used MySQL for storing of data and information.

Hardware Requirements There are two hardware requirements for the study. Barcode reader will be used to scan the barcode image printed in the employees ID. System Analysis. The proponents conducted interview and gathered information about the process under existing system of the company. System Design The proponents designed a computerized system on attendance monitoring and payroll system. The number of hours will be recorded to the computer-based log-in and log-out system database. Then when the payday comes, the accountant will release the pay slip of the employees.

System Development The proponents had six 6 months to do the research. In the first two months, the team gathered all the needed information for the study. The third and fourth months, the team did the encoding of program, the making and designing of the database, connecting the barcode device to the system and database. On the fifth and sixth months, the system was evaluated and tested according to its function.