College essay that got me into harvard

The boys were still playing atop the rubbish, then seeing me, scrambled off their mountain and ran in the opposite direction.

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The boys caught up to me and proudly waved hundred ariary bills in my face. In their broken English, they said in earnest and without malice,. I agreed they were right and smiled sadly: one US dollar was the equivalent to seven thousand Malagasy ariary.

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  • I was made sharply aware of what separated me from these children: oceans, experience, money. Politics, ignorance, the apathy of millions. Ironically, it was also the first time I belonged to my "motherland". I could share in the simple joy of relishing what "is", be proud of the sense of resourcefulness engendered by scarcity.

    This memory has woven itself into my philosophy and my dreams. The very personal knowledge that millions live in a way such that electric toothbrushes are an unfathomable luxury my cousin, Aina , has given me the following personal rules:. While I may not be certain of my future, I know for certain that I want to serve.

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    I realize that service is as important an aspect of education as is academic work. I know this passion will follow me throughout my life and manifest itself in my actions at Harvard. This memory is a mandate to serve indiscriminately and without prejudice towards those I work with. I am all the more willing to cooperate to bring improvement to the community within the College and beyond the campus. I can bring innovation in problem solving born out of the deep desire to help others. I work for these boys, for all the proud Malagasy and even those who are not proud to be Malagasy , and the children who cherish "what is" instead of mourning "what could be".

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    There were kids with 4.

    The Essay that Got Into Harvard University

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    All 4 Weird Essays That Got Me Into Stanford! (common app, supplementals, and advice)

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