Essay on prohibition of smoking

Most of the parents follow smoke-free policy in their homes. However, only 24 percent of them adopt the necessity of such a policy for their cars. Taking into consideration the scope of investigation and possible injuries of secondhand smoking for children, society must admit the necessity of passing the law on the ban smoking in cars with children.

However, this law has many opponents. Thus, the critics emphasize that tobacco-free driving law is colliding with the concept of freedom.

Argumentative essay on smoking: If not banning then perhaps revealing consequences?

They mention the loss of freedom through governmental intrusion into private lives: If the Government tries to dictate where to smoke, it will probably dictate some day what to eat, how to sleep or where to rest. The good parenting cannot be legislated. Society has to find the other ways of regulating this problem. Antagonists of the tobacco-free driving law compare harm from smoking in a car with the detriment from allowing children to spend all day long in front of a TV or computer. Such opinion has right to exist and has many supporters. However, taking the decision regarding the ban on smoking in cars with children, people have to weigh all pros and contras.

If the opponents of the campaign declare this law as the violation of human rights, then why not identify the non-acceptance of a ban as a breakage of children rights to a clear and healthy environment. Invulnerable argument for adherents of the law banning smoking is the fact that the harmful substances are absorbed into the upholstery and other soft surfaces inside the vehicle, in such a way increasing exposure of children to the devastating effects of toxins from tobacco smoke. Studies show that the level of toxins caused by smoking in a car is 23 times higher than in smoke-filled bars.

Disregard of the facts of smoking in the car can be compared with ignoring the cases of a child being beaten in the street. Does society have the right to be indifferent to the murder of children? This question must be answered by every representative of the Legislative Branch before voting for the law. Banning or not banning smoking in cars in the presence of children is the issue on the agenda in the governments of many countries nowadays. Differing points of view on prohibition on smoking in cars with children divide society into two opposing parts.

Opponents to the campaign, reason that passing the abovementioned law demonstrates a growing intrusion of the government into private lives of individuals.

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They insist that good parenting cannot be legislated. However, the supporters of the tobacco-free driving law put forward strong arguments based on medical researches.

Arguments For and Against a Smoking Ban

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Smoking in India

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