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While the book will have immediate appeal for students of writing, it will also be of interest to general readers for its in-depth reading of contemporary fiction and for its take on important issues of the day: Should writers try to be more uplifting? How is emotion best conveyed in fiction?

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Why are serious writers in North America wedded to the realist tradition? Spark brings her keen critical eye to Curious Attractions, discussing a broad range of authors from multiple genres and generations. A collection of essays in the belles-lettres tradition, Curious Attractions offers lively and instructive discussions of craft flavored with autobiographical reflections and commentary on world events.

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Readers may ask, how much fun can a book about writing fiction be? The reader needs to believe in the reality in which your topic is grounded. They need to know that you have given the topic considerable thought. You must give the reader your utmost intelligence and understanding.

The best way to convince the reader of your sincerity is to reveal your potential for insincerity. Vulnerability is essential to the personal essay. Being honest on the page is hard, but if you can do it the reader will recognize and respect it. Start humble and go from there. Keep questioning yourself until you find the limits of your understanding.

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By revealing your limits to the reader you can move beyond them. Most times you will end up discussing something you would never have attempted from the start. Any element of confession should be brief and blunt. Objecting to something that the majority of people support is a good way to demonstrate idiosyncrasy. As a personal essayist, if you can find a new angle from which to look at a stale topic you will be making it fresh. This is good both for the essayist and the readers because it keep everyone interested and questioning. Be wary of being self-righteous.

Passion is great but not when it blinds you from being able to see the faults as well as the merits.

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The ego is a tightrope. If you present an essay that is too self-aggrandizing or self-hating then you risk losing the reader. The unspoken aim of the personal essay should be to examine the self in such a way that the reader feels less isolated. The only thing required of the essayist is that they give their own personal and honest portrait of the complexities of being human. Who writes personal essays? The list of essayists above contains some of my favourite essay writers.

It also contains some names that people may associate more with fiction. Some are well known, some are obscure. They are all worthy of being read, for one reason or another. For the most part they are also older writers. Generally, the advice is you should wait until you know who you are before you start writing about who you were. You are always in a state of becoming who you are. The earlier you start writing personal essays the more likely it is that you will experiment with the form. Experimentation and discovery is what the personal essay is all about.

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I hope you enjoy the search as much as I do. Surely our hope in holding a world still between the covers of a book is to make that world known, to save it from vanishing. We may be agnostics or furious atheists, but we are all religious, and we practice a faith.

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Writing as practice is more similar to meditation, which requests nothing. There is the same silence and the waiting, but writers are notoriously failed seekers. We watch our thoughts arise and practice attachment, fascinated by the dance of the flames.