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He, " Cursed at first ," but, " Mended ," and developed a, " Heavenlier heart, " offering the sick man the comfort of God's love.

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In this deeply reflective poem, Hopkins feelings and doubts are amplified by his use of sprung rhythm, " My tongue had taught thee comfort, touch had quenched thy tears," Here, the speaker feels a real empathy with Felix, whose story represents all human existence. In this way, Hopkins presents an idea that God has fashioned destinies for us, and sometimes our fate is cruel or impossible to understand.

However, that should not detract from the enjoyment and appreciation of life or nature. The contrast between the impressions of the soothing balm of comforting faith in, " Felix Randal ," with the total absence of such comfort in, " No Worst There Is None, " is startling, and demonstrates Hopkins later struggle with his faith.

This 'terrible sonnet' reveals Hopkins' complete confusion that he built his life around faith, but now during his struggles and difficult times, God is absent. The poet feels that the dreadful pain will only become worse, " More pangs will, schooled at forepangs, wilder wring," His utter exhaustion is conveyed through the sestet.

The internal rhyming of, "Steep," "Deep," "Creep, " and, " Sleep ," demonstrates that the poet feels as though there is no consolation, and that God is absent. The speaker is a, " Wretch ," with, " Small durance ," and he knows that death is coming.

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The sense that death will be a relief from suffering is a prominent fundamental truth that Hopkins believed in while writing this poem. The feeling of melancholy and loss continues through, " I Wake and Feel the Fell of Dark, Not Day," This poem explores the psychological suffering of the speaker, which is described as unimaginable.

As the poet waits for the night to end, he knows that a greater distress awaits him. The shocking truth is that he can take no comfort from his faith anymore.

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The pillar that he had built his life around is absent. Away," The poet feels that God has abandoned him, his prayers are unanswered, and he is lost.

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His struggle as he searches for spiritual meaning is obvious through his startling and dramatic language, especially through his metaphor and synecdoche, "I am gall, I am heartburn ," This gustatory image conveys that the poet's existence is pain, and that the only logical explanation for his suffering is that God has decided that this is his fate. Unlike the terrible sonnets, in, " The Windhover," there is exuberance, energy, and most importantly, the excitement he feels from nature and God. Hopkins is breathless at the beauty of nature, expressed through the, " Dapple-dawn-drawn falcon ," and is amazed by the, " Majesty of the thing, " The sight of the falcon in flight is beautiful and breath-taking.

It illustrates the fundamental truth that beauty is everywhere, and that humble everyday actions can produce sudden unexpected beauty.

Analysis Of The Wind Hover By Gerard Manley Hopkins Essay | Major Tests

This belief of Hopkins is a wonderful, life-affirming observation that he unfortunately lost in his later poems. I definitely think that Hopkins' innovative style displays his struggles with faith, psychological troubles, and death. The wide range of poetic techniques used by Hopkins also conveys his joy and awe at the beauty of nature and how he celebrates God, along with several fundamental truths. Forums The Watty Awards. In an exam, you just wouldn't have time, so you would need to decide whether to restrict yourself to the Wreck , or the other three.

Usually three poems is the minimum acceptable number to use in an exam question, unless the question states otherwise.

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Suppose you decide to go with the latter three poems. Jot down some ideas, words, phrases and images that come to mind. GG ; can Nature contain such a revelation?

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SN ; can Nature give a religious experience? HH questions H. It's not cut and dried for Hopkins. The poems are there to answer real questions. Answers Hopkins suggests Conclusions Hopkins reaches How much of the above is conveyed by statements and how much through images? But they also mean you to refer to the language of the poetry, its images, use of language is the language broken up because the poet is wrestling with knotty problems; or does it seem fairly smooth because he's got the answers ready?

That's why the last section is needed here to make sure this aspect is covered.

Poetry of Protest: An Exploration of Christina Rossetti and Gerard Manley Hopkins

Decide how to start your essay only once you know where your line of argument is going, can you write an introductory paragraph too many students write their introduction to the essay, and only then stop to think what they are actually going to say Your introduction should lead into your first main paragraph. What was the problem? If you wanted to add a little about Hopkins' personal details, make sure you keep them relevant: e. Hopkins had always loved Nature. When he had a conversion experience and entered the Jesuit order, the pleasure of the senses were somewhat frowned on as a bar to spirituality.

So how could he still manage to reconcile Nature and God? The conclusion might well be that Hopkins had found how Nature reveals God. You could finish then by referring back to Hopkins' initial dilemma, or, if you feel confident, place this in a larger context of his later works as the three poems used above were written earlier in his career. If you think Hopkins' later poems do not reflect the confidence of these early answers, you could mention that, and just mention later poems that find little revelation of God in anything, such as Spelt from Sibyl's Leaves , or which seem to suggest maybe Nature goes on rather more independently of God that he had first acknowledged, like Thou Art Indeed Just, Lord.

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The point is, you need to show you know more poems than you discuss, and show you know where these poems come in the overall corpus of Hopkins' poetry.