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Medicina Kaunas ; — Moore P. Decision-making in professional practice. Br J Nurs. Mehrdad N, Joolaee S. Toggle navigation. Background: There is a renewed interest in job satisfaction among healthcare workers including nurses in Africa and the West African sub-region due to the perception that global shifts in the internal structures and employment practices are inducing changes in the ties that bind employees to their job.

Therefore, it is necessary to examine various studies in order to establish an empirical base and utility for the theory of knowledge. Objective: This paper reviewed some of the available literatures on factors affecting job satisfaction among nurses around the world with special focus on the African continent.

Results: Although regional variations in levels of job satisfaction exist among nurses globally, there is more general trend of dissatisfaction and these are because of various factors related to the work environment. Socio-demographic and socioeconomic variables do not affect job satisfaction as much as leadership styles, promotion and other features related to the work environment. Conclusion: Strong leadership style is a probable reason why nurses in Nigeria are more satisfied with their jobs when compared with their colleagues in other countries even though they may work for longer hours or earn relatively less salaries.

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