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Submissions Open: The Phenomenological Tradition

Entries should be prepared in line with the MIND guidelines for submission. Please note, in particular, that essays should be no longer than around 8, words.

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Entries will be assessed by the Editors A. Moore and Lucy O'Brien and appointed advisors. The winning entry will be published in MIND in This describes the phenomenon of denying a speaker the required standing to perform a certain speech act.

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Two other entries were deemed worthy of publication and will appear alongside the winning essay. The quality and diversity of the entries and the remarkable result of publishing three of them in MIND made the Prize a great success.

Prize Winners

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    More information about the workshop can be found at oxfordstudiespoliticalphilosophy. Submitted essays must present original research on central issues in political or social philosophy, such as moral issues relating to the state or the justification of force, authority, obligation, justice, freedom, rights, exploitation, oppression, etc.

    Essays should be between 7, and 12, words. Coauthored papers are eligible, but only if all authors are eligible.


    Sanders Prize Recipients

    Up to two papers by a given author will be considered, as long as the author is not sole author of both. For example, for a given person, a single-authored paper and a co-authored paper will be considered, but two single-authored papers will not both be considered. Papers should be uploaded after logging in at oxfordstudiespoliticalphilosophy.

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    Because refereeing will be blind, authors should omit all remarks and references that might disclose their identities. The winner will be determined by the three editors of Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy. Helen Frowe, University of Stockholm. But we have only limited claims to make use of others and their resources.

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