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The narrative essay tells a story through a sequence of events or actions. They may follow an individual or activity over a period of time and present this story in chronological order. A thematic photo essay focuses on a central theme e. Regardless of what type of photo essay you choose to present, the following elements should be considered during its creation:.

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By including a variety of types of photos in your essay, you will ensure that it is both interesting and informative. The following types of photos, presented together, can create a successful photo essay. Not only is it important to choose powerful photos, but also to present them in an effective order. While the order of some photos e. The Lead Photo : Similar to the first two sentences of a newspaper article, your lead photo should effectively draw in your audience.

This is usually the most difficult photo to choose and should follow the theme of your essay.

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It could be an emotional portrait or an action shot, but ultimately it should provoke the curiosity of the viewer. The Scene : Your second photo should set the stage and describe the scene of your story. An overarching photo taken with a wide angle lens is often effective.

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The Portraits : Your photo essay should include at least one portrait. Capturing an emotional expression or telling action shot can effectively humanize your story. These photos often evoke strong emotions and empathy in the viewer whether it is a positive and enthusiastic emotion, or a sympathetic and concerned emotion. The Detail Photos : Detail photos focus in on one element, be it a building, a face, or a relevant object. These photos are your best opportunity to capture specific objects. The captions of these photos should be informative and educational.

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The Close-up Photos : Similarly, close-up photos provide an opportunity to focus in on specific objects. These photos are tightly cropped, simple shots that present a specific element of your story. Again, this is an excellent opportunity to present information in the caption. The Signature Photo :The signature photo summarizes the situation and captures the key elements of your story in a telling moment. I did all the prior research had to write about the film Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock gathered all the sources and made an annotated bibliography etc etc.

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